Making Adjustments To Different Tables

Making Adjustments To Different Tables

While jumping all over gods green tables playing in “pick a city, USA” ….I found it necessary to adjust to tables and many times I was fortune enough to ask some of the worlds finest players how they adjust.

Adjusting to pockets is the most ridiculous thing players are forced to do. Imagine someone changing the goalposts size in other sports. “Sorry Michael Jordan, we made the hoop 5 inches smaller last night” THERE SHOULD BE A STANDARD SIZE AND CUT FOR ALL TABLES.

It can take dozens of hours to figure tolerances on different pockets size and cut. The heroes that “don’t mind” are the first to complain 😂. I hope this helps.

Fast tables: play a little thicker on the ball rather than playing for a thin cut. This acts as a brake to keep you from over hitting.

Slow tables: Be sure you do not leave yourself too straight or it will be hard to move your cueball. Figure how hard you would normally hit a shot and think just a little harder on this table. I like using volume control to control speed.

Broken rails: Instead of going forward, two rails or even one rail and back up, maybe punch your cueball to a side cushion keeping the shot playable the whole time. (stay on a path that always keeps you on the next shot vs hitting a dead rail and coming up short). ALSO, change your patterns and take tricky speed sensitive shots when you can: often not leaving key balls for the 8ball if it has a big position zone.

Do what you have to to get out even if it’s unconventional patterns. Don’t be afraid to change patterns on poor equipment.




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