OTH Leaderboards, Split Brackets & More

OTH Leaderboards, Split Brackets & More

New Year, new things for OTH Billiards! Every year we watch what’s happening in the pool world and listen to the feedback we receive from our players. We have already started offering the popular Split Bracket format where both the high players and lower tiered players get paid equally in all spots. We are also going to offer tiered entry fees in our open events to encourage people of all skill levels to play against the area’s best. We hear you!

Additionally, we’re introducing a Simonis/Aramith Leaderboard with three different tiers - so that all might excel and race for the top spot in their respective class. We are also hosting our biggest finale yet! Our final end of the year event will be a minimum of a $5,000 added Split Bracket Format. When you are in the top 4 of your division, you not only win cash for the placement, but also a free entry to our finale!

These are the three divisions:

  • 300 to 450
  • 451 to 599
  • 600 to 750

The first event where a player has the opportunity to earn points will be our 1150 & Under event. To qualify for our Simonis/Aramith Leaderboard, you must have played in at least 6 events we have planned for the year. You’ll see we have a bonus for prepaying! We encourage you to prepay when possible as it helps us start the tournament faster on the tournament day. When you play in doubles events, each player on each team will get their full points. Here is how you can win points:

1st place: 12 points
2nd place: 10 points
3rd place: 8 points
4th place: 6 points
5/6: 4 points
All others: 2 points
Prepayment: +5 points!


All three divisions will have a $300 cash payout and a free entry (worth $100 additional dollars!) to our big money added finale event. 400 dollars total prize fund to the top 4 finishers in every division!

1st - 4th place gets $300 in cash + Free Entry = $400 total to each!

We hope to see you at our kickoff event - grab a partner and come see us on Jan 6/7th at Brews & Cues on the Blvd. Special thanks as always to our sponsors - DigitalPool.com, SImonis, and Aramith.

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