599/under 9-Ball Mar 23rd

Sale price$65.00

Field capped at 96
Entry fee $65 includes $15 admin fee
Pre-Pay to secure your spot at www.othbilliards.com

Doors open at 9am
Registration/Check-in until 10am
Players meeting/The Bid at 10am
9-Ball Texas Express
Double elimination

Alternate break/Rack-Your-Own (template)
9 does not count on the break
2-ball in the back
Push after break
3 foul rule
Races determined by FargoRate R7/R6
50-point gap

R7 Race winners side
0-50 7-7 race
51-101 7-6 race
102&up 8-6 race
R6 Race 1-loss side
0-50 6-6 race
51-101 6-5 race
102&up 7-5 race

200 robustness is considered established. If your robustness is under 200, we will need to be provided with league stats in order to assign you with a temporary rating. Please reach out to us through our FB messenger or email Beverlee@othprod.com.
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