Maryland State Bar Table 9-Ball Championship

Sale price$65.00

Maryland State 9-Ball Championship

Limited 128 pre-paid players

A Side 7 / B Side 6

Alternate Breaks

Push after Break

2-ball In the back

Rack your own

Standard rack

3 Foul Rule

9-ball on break spotted right away

Amount of Players: 128

Entry Fee: $65

Admin Fee Included:$15

Added Money:

We encourage you to prepay to hold your spot AND get 5 extra points to your tour point total! Payment options:

Venmo: @Loye-Bolyard

Cash App: $LoyeBolyard


Need to use a credit card? Go to our website at Please note: if we need to refund your payment when using your credit card, there will be a 3% fee.

Dress Code:
What you can wear:

Collared or pro collar shirts, crewnecks allowed with pool related images or sponsored shirts

Quarter-zip shirts

Jeans or dress pants

Closed toes shoes

Black Leggings ok

No tank tops, crop tops or low cut 

Not Allowed:

NO worn/tattered/ripped clothing

NO tshirts

NO  sweatpants or track pants

NO cargo or gym shorts

NO hoodies

NO sandals or slides

Saturday Format:

Field is capped at 128 players

Doors Open: 9  am

Registration 10 am

10:15 am Player’s meeting/bid 

Texas Express 9-Ball Rules

Race to 7 both sides

Alternating breaks/Rack-Your-Own

Standard Rack

9-Ball does not count on break

2-ball in back

Push after break

3 foul rule

Sunday Format:

Host Venue & Address: Brews & Cues on the Blvd. 7945 Baltimore Annapolis Boulevard, Glen Burnie, MD 21060

Sponsors: Simonis Cloth, Aramith Balls,

LeaderBoard Points & Bonus Points

1st- 12 points

2nd- 10 points

3rd- 8 points

4th- 6 points

5 / 6th -  4 points

All others - 2 points

Bonus for Prepaying - 5 Points