Voodoo Blood Eternal Flame Cue SKU: VOD43

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Tip : 13mm 7-layer leather
Ferrule :1" fiber linen
Shaft : 29" hard rock maple 10-12" pro taper
Pin : Piloted 5/16 x 18
Collar : Stainless Steel
Forearm Black with engraved and red painted "Eternal Flame" 
Wrap : Black leather wrap
Butt Sleeve : Black with engraved candle on top of red skull with red/black wax melting off. Various sized dots/stars
Butt Plate : Stainless steel with Voodoo logo
Bumper : Voodoo rubber plug - BUMPVOD

Additional Information:

  • This cue is weight changeable - WBOL
  • This cue does not come with joint protectors
  • Warranty: Limited - 1 year
Title: VOD43-18