Bulletproof Parabellum Shaper

Sale price$20.00

The Bulletproof Parabellum shaper is a classic work of modern art with unbeatable functionality! Deriving its name from the Latin saying “si vis pacem, para bellum, “If you want peace, Prepare for war.” This is the perfect tool to prepare you for war on the felt! Absolutely the best-looking tool on the market today. What once was just a block of aluminum has now been transformed into an original masterpiece. Nickel and dime radius machined shapers, tapper, and ultra-sharp steel needles to aerate even the hardest leather tips…The Bulletproof Parabellum is finally the tool you have been waiting for! Designed by a pool player FOR pool players this is the tool you have always dreamed about but hasn’t existed until today! All machined with nothing to wear out or replace…About the size of a cube of chalk, we are sure you will find this to truly be the favorite tool in your bag. This tool also works great to keep your Bulletproof Break Tip shaped and scuffed to perfection!
Color: Black