Jacoby Custom Cue

Sale price$1,575.00

                                   HB Line # 8

The Final cue of the HB line the HB8 is configured with a Bocote forearm and ButtSleeve. Bocote is a Tropical hardwood with a wide range of straight to wild grain patterns. The wrap section is a Genuine Black Embossed Leather. The HB8 is embellished with Thirty-Six White Juma Index Stitches. Eight White Juma Points, eight White Buffalo Turquoise spears, and TwoHundred Thirty-Two Jewelers Bronze Inlays giving an astonishing number of Two-Hundred Eighty-four hand placed inlays in each HB8. This cue is finalized with a Radial Pin and a 12.75 MM Ultra Pro Shaft.


Forearm Wood: Ziricote
Butt Sleeve Wood: Ziricote
Forearm Inlays: Buffalo Turquoise Inlays with Elforyn and Brass Dot Inlays
Butt Sleeve Inlays: Buffalo Turquoise Inlays with Elforyn and Jewelers Bronze Inlays
Wrap: Black Textured Leather Wrap
Ring Pattern: Double White Rings
Joint:White Juma
Pin Size: Radial
Shaft Specs: One 12.75mm Ultra Pro Shaft
Weight: 17.8oz - 20oz

Pick a Shaft: Ultra Pro