Jacoby Element Series Cues

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The Jacoby Elements Collection features six different cues, each representing a universal element. Just like the simplistic beauty found in nature, these cues are simple in design and yet very beautiful to look at. The veneer construction adds extremely sound playability properties.

Wind       Water       Fire       Ether          Earth         Light

Appearance May Vary

Butt Cap: Black Phenolic
Butt Ring Pattern (above butt cap): Hoppe Style Ring
Butt Sleeve Wood: Yellow & Red Flat Laminate
Butt Sleeve Inlays: None
Wrap: None
Custom Ring Pattern (above & below wrap area): None
Forearm Wood: Yellow & Red Flat Laminate
Forearm Inlays: None
Joint Ring Pattern: None
Joint: Black Phenolic
Joint Diameter: .847"
Pin Size: Radial
Shaft Specs: 29", 13.1mm Hard Rock Maple Shaft 10" Pro Taper, Black Phenolic Joint Collar
Weight: 18.6oz (3" weight bolt installed)


Color: Fire