Jacoby 3n1 Extreme Jumpers

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Make your jump shot feared by your competition! This jump cue gives you the largest range of jump shots on the table. The extension handle is removed for extremely close jump shots and added for longer jump shots. The extension handle has a series of groves for finger placement when using a traditional stroke allowing for a light loose grip. The forearm is designed with two cleverly placed finger grooves to assist in finger placement when using the dart technique. It comes in two weighted versions. The heavier version is great if you primarily use a dart stroke to jump, but use a traditional stroke only on really long jump shots The lighter version is great if you use a traditional stroke only when jumping


Tip/Ferrule: 0.500” Long, solid, one-piece phenolic ferrule/tip combination
Shaft: Black out break shaft - Unidirectional carbon fiber with high-density foam center and 13.1mm diameter tip.
Joint Pin: Aluminum Radial
Joint Diameter: 0.847"
Joint Material: ⅝” Capped Black Juma
Length: 49” - 29” shaft / 20” butt (11” Forearm/9” Handle)
Butt Construction: Two-piece maple with jump joint
Weight Range: 16.7-18.4 oz Natural weight range 18.9-20.5 oz Adjusted weight range
Weight System: None
Bumper: ⅝ stem push in bumper

Color: Black